Omega Pork Noodle

Pork noodles are our star product. Served in a variety of soup options or a dried sauce, with various condiments such as minced pork patty, meat slices, pork liver, intestines, pork meatballs, eggs, extra size crispy lard, cabbage and spring onions, each bowl is a treat for the senses.

We recommend you drink the soup first every time you consume Omega Pork Noodles. This allows you to have a sip of the hot and delicious soup at its very best. After drinking the soup, you’ll feel a warmth in your stomach and immediately find your appetite raised to its fullest.

The meat patty, being our speciality, is a practice inherited from Penang’s olden days where the fresh pork is minced and pressed firmly into shape. With all the fine ingredients put together along with the best quality meat, Omega Pork Noodles are sure to have your mouth watering at first and your appetite fully sated after.