Types of Noodles & Side Dishes

They cater to the different preferences of their valued customers. A wide selection of noodles has been introduced and options include Yellow Noodles, Mee Hoon, Kuey Teow, Short Laksa, Rice Vermicelli, Yee Mee, Springy Noodle, and Mian Xian. Customization of the noodles and condiments can be arranged during ordering as they do their best to prepare a bowl of pork noodles that meets everyone’s satisfaction.

In addition, there are a host of add-on side dishes available with a varied selection including Pok Pok Cui, Fried Rolls, Fuzuk Rolls, chicken rolls, spring rolls, fish skin, dumplings, handmade fish balls, fish cakes, pickled radish, pickled bitter gourd, blanch broccoli, ladyfingers and many more. Our self-service drinks bar offers a selection of soft drinks, hot and cold drinks, and a tea jug which are all refillable.